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The 12 Best Eco-Friendly Hotels in Italy

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Fall in love with Italy with the help of an eco-friendly hotel. Here are the 12 best eco-friendly hotels in Italy you should check out.

The Florence skyline, one of the prettiest in Italy.

If you’re on the lookout for an eco-friendly destination in Europe with a lot to offer, Italy is the perfect place. From its dreamy islands, tranquil vineyards, and charming cities, Italy has an abundance of fun things to explore and enjoy.

Traveling consciously to Italy is becoming more critical than ever, as it is up to us as tourists to help protect the beautiful Italian nature and reduce environmental harm. If you’re planning a low carbon footprint trip to Europe, check out these top eco-friendly hotels in Italy that you are sure to love.


  1. Club Med Pragelato, Turin

  2. Club Med Cefalu, Siciliy

  3. Lefay Resort & Spa, Lago di Garda

  4. L'UNICORNO Agriturismo, Lago di Garda

  5. Starhotels E.C.H.O, Milan

  6. Paradu Tuscant EcoResort

  7. Residence Villa Collina

  8. Palazzo Ducale Venturi- Luxury Relais & Wellness

  9. Radisson Blue es. Hotel, Rome

  10. Rome Cavalieri, A Waldorf Astoria Resort

  11. St Regis, Florence

  12. Hilton Molino Stucky Venice


Perfect for winter or summer vacations, the Club Med Pragelato resort is found a few kilometres away from the city of Turin, a small city in the Alps. This is the perfect go-to destination if you are looking for a skiing resort in one of Italy’s top-rated ski locations. The beautiful surrounding mountains and peaceful ambiance also make the resort a fantastic spot for a summer vacation.

Awarded with the Green Globe certification, Club Med truly prioritizes its impact on the environment and uses multiple eco-friendly practices to minimize its carbon footprint. The resort also runs a foundation that organizes sustainable development and supports local green initiatives.

Another one of the best eco-friendly hotels in Italy is Club Med Cefalu. Also, a holder of the Green Globe certification, this hotel is found just north of Sicily and offers outstanding views of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Sicilian countryside.

Complete with an infinity pool, unlimited water, and land activity options, plus an on-site spa, you will not regret booking a trip at this exciting hotel.

You can also visit the south of Sicily and check out Club Med Kamarina, another beautiful eco-friendly hotel in Italy. This green paradise is surrounded by olive trees and faces the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea. We recommend both of these hotels, as each shows commitment to their sustainable management and continuously discovers ways to reduce their environmental impacts.

Next on the Green Globes list is Lefay Resort and Spa in Gargnano, Italy. This eco-friendly resort combines luxury with wellness and nature to give you an unforgettable and relaxing experience during your stay.

The resort faces the Lago di Garda lake and has a simplistic interior full of natural fabrics and local materials that creates an ultra-relaxing atmosphere.

Sustainability plays a vital role in the running of the resort. Lefay was also the first resort in Italy to create an agreement with the Ministry of the Environment for projects towards CO2 emissions neutralisation.

The same company owns another eco-friendly hotel you could check out, called Lefay Resort Dolomiti Srl. This dreamy resort is located in the midst of the snowy Dolomites mountains and prioritizes its commitment to sustainability.

Also found near the lake of Lago di Garda is the eco-resort L’unicorno Agriturismo. This beautiful resort is considered a historic landmark and is certified by Green Globe. It also won a prestigious Best Green Hotel award in 2018.

The hotel’s building was originally built in 1654, making it one of the oldest houses in the small farming village of Bedizzole (which is extremely close to Lake Garda).

Here, you can spend an eco-friendly vacation relaxing among whimsical vineyards and olive groves. Along with its enjoyable green and charming atmosphere, you’ll also feel peace of mind knowing that the hotel utilizes sustainable practices, like using thermal solar-powered systems and serving local organic foods.

Another top eco-friendly hotel in Italy is Starhotels Echo, which is just a short trip away from Milan. Certified with the Green Globe status, this resort takes sustainability seriously and believes a green world is possible with the right cutting-edge solutions.

The resort continuously finds ways to reduce its impact and water consumption. It also has FSC certified furniture and low consumption lighting in all rooms.

On-site, there is an excellent restaurant offering foods inspired by seasonal ingredients, as well as a bar and multiple meeting rooms. Milan’s central station is just 100 meters away, so it’s the perfect location to explore the city.

In beautiful central Italy on the sparkling coast of the Ligurian Sea, you’ll find Paradu Tuscany Ecoresort. This environmentally sustainable complex is the perfect place to have a vacation without a single spec of guilt.

The resort is surrounded by greenery and beautiful Mediterranean maquis, and it’s also located on a private beach meant only for resort visitors. Certified by Green Globe, sustainability is key for Paradu. By using innovative technologies, eco-compatible structures, and low water and energy consumption practices, this ecoresort strives to protect its surrounding green landscape.

Next on our list of eco-friendly hotels in Italy is Residence Villa Collina. Certified by Green Key, this resort is committed to eco-labelling and guarantees guests that their tourist activity respects the environment.

This Villa is just a few minutes away from the beach and various shops, restaurants, and bars. The city centre can be reached in just a few minutes, where you can explore the historic archaeological area of Giardini Naxos.

There’s also a relaxing open-air pool on-site and a mystical garden perfect for relaxing. If you’re looking for a peaceful and sustainable spot, Residence Villa Collina could be an excellent pick for you.

If you’re looking for an eco friendly hotel in Italy and you’re a big history buff, you are sure to love Palazzo Ducale Venturi. Not only is this luxury resort known for its sustainable practices (certified by Green Key), but it also is home to a historic and interesting past of ancient myths and legends.

With over five centuries of history, art, and culture, the building of Palazzo Ducale was historically one of the first Ducal houses of Salento and was since renovated into a gorgeous luxe resort.

For those of you who want to plan a sustainable trip to Italy’s gorgeous capital, Radisson Blue es Hotel is an excellent option. Radisson Blue is located in the heart of Rome and provides guests with an astounding and sophisticated stay.

The hotel is in Rome’s fancy Parioli district, just 2.79 kilometres away from downtown. Decorated with an iconic Renaissance theme, the chicness of the hotel will make you never want to leave.

In addition to the hotel’s beauty and luxurious feel, Radisson Blue es Hotel also thoroughly believes in sustainability and was awarded the Green Key label for its many eco-friendly efforts.

Another luxurious and eco-friendly hotel in Italy is Rome Cavalieri. This jaw-dropping resort is Green Key certified and offers guests an exclusive and luxe feel when vacationing here.

The resort has an on-site spa, fitness studio, and pools to give you optimal relaxation during your stay. You can also book exciting tours, classes, and guides through the hotel, such as a deluxe shoe-making class or private Vatican tours.

Rome Cavalieri has an ongoing commitment to sustainability. The management takes multiple steps to reduce their footprint, like reducing plastic, saving water and energy, and partnering with local programs to preserve local lands.

Located in the heart of beautiful and classic Florence, you’ll find the eco-friendly hotel, St Regis. The design and deeply immersive cultural style of St Regis truly bring the times of the Renaissance alive. Not only is this resort Green Key certified, but it is also a destination within itself, and a stay here would be unforgettable, to say the least.

The hotel is known as a Florentine Jewel and sits along the famous Arno River. Environmental practices play a vital role in running the resort, and there are energy and water-conserving fixtures, recycling stations, green housekeeping, and more to keep consumption levels low.

Last on our list of eco friendly hotels in Italy brings us to Venice. If you want to visit one of the famous and alluring tourist attractions in Italy, you have to visit Venice.

Hilton Molino Stucky is a brilliant hotel option for keeping your carbon footprint low. Located in a miraculous location on the banks of the Giudecca Island, this contemporary resort is a work of art and an exquisite vacation spot.

While at the hotel, you can relax in the pool or spend a relaxing day at the spa and wellness centre. Boat shuttle services are also offered to guests that bring you through the glimmering blue canals of the city.

In addition, Hilton Molino Stucky Venice prioritizes its environmental impact and is certified by the Green Key label.

This article contains affiliate links to the hotels mentioned. If you follow the links and make a booking, Green Guides makes a small percentage as a commission. 40% of our profits go toward planting trees with One Tree Planted, helping to offset your travel even more.


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