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The Top 10 Eco Lodges in Morocco

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Discover the 10 best eco lodges in Morocco, each of them using the latest eco-friendly methods to help protect the environment.


As sustainability is becoming more important than ever, it’s also becoming much easier to find eco-friendly accommodation while traveling. Many resorts around the globe are finding unique ways to reduce their environmental impact and adapt to more sustainable practices. Accommodation options that mix luxury accommodation with strong efforts to protect the earth have become known as eco lodges.

If you want to plan a getaway somewhere warm and full of traditional culture while considering your carbon footprint, the eco-friendly accommodation in Morocco is amongst the best in the world.

Below, we've rounded up 10 amazing eco lodges in Morocco that prioritize their environmental impact and use various methods to save water, energy, and protect the environment.

The Best Eco Lodges in Morocco:


A ‘Gold Winner’ award recipient from the International Responsible Tourism, Ecolodge Atlas Kasbah is an eco-friendly resort in Agadir, Morocco. This famous sustainable hotel is located in the argon forest and is famously recognized as North Africa’s and Morocco’s first-ever eco lodge.

Atlas Kasbah is the perfect place for a relaxing getaway and offers unique experiences you will love. Decompress at the spa with energy massages, halotherapy, yoga, or hammam. Or you can experience exciting activities, like pottery classes, day trips, or swimming in the hotel’s saltwater pool.

The hotel prides itself on its commitment to respecting nature and local culture. All resources and raw materials used in the hotel development and day-to-day upkeep come from local Moroccan vendors. Along with its on-site fruit and vegetable garden, the hotel holds renewable energy technologies for its electricity and heating and a water-filtration system to recycle wastewater.

Another luxurious eco lodge in Morocco is Les Jardins des Medina. Only ten minutes from the airport, this resort is rated as one of the top located boutique and sustainable hotels in Marrakesh. Les Jardins des Medina prioritizes their environmental impact and was awarded for their initiatives by the Green Key label in 2020.

What once served as holiday homes for noble families in the 19th century, Les Jardins des Medina is now an extravagant resort that still withholds its original and traditional architecture. The resort has a swimming pool, a wellness area and also offers multiple-day excursions for booking.

Les Jardins realizes their impact on the environment and therefore strives to utilize eco-friendly practices to protect Morocco’s natural resources and the resorts’ surrounding ecosystem.

Bab el Oued Maroc Oasis is another eco lodge in Morocco well worth the visit. Located in the south, it’s one of the first environmentally friendly resorts in Morocco and has received wide recognition, including the certification from Green Key and the Morocco Responsible Tourism Award for Environment.

Surrounded by the beautiful Kasbah Tamnougalt and the Jbel Kissan mountains, Bab el Oued Maroc Oasis is an Eden in Ouarzazate that has an eye for sustainability. The owners strive to preserve the Biosphere de la Palmeraie du Draa and utilize eco-friendly practices to eliminate any environmental harm. This eco lodge also provides guests fresh and locally grown meals.

There are 7 different bungalows to choose from when staying at Bab el Oued, and each is equipped with ancestral, adobe-chic décor. You can relax within the hotel’s beauty or schedule a guided hiking tour to explore the nearby mountains.

Mazagan Beach Spa and Golf Resort is the perfect go-to destination if you’re looking for a luxurious eco lodge in Morocco. Take self-care to a new level here and unwind with a traditional hammam, deep tissue massage, or a yoga class. You could also quench your sense of adventure with one of the hotels’ exciting activities, like horseback riding, paintball, or wall climbing.

Known for its environmental awareness, this eco-lodge was awarded the Green Key Label. The resort prioritizes sustainability and uses multiple practices to reduce its environmental impact. There is a recycling station used to keep water consumption levels low, and a water recycling/filtration system for the upkeep of the resort’s golf course.

Found only thirty minutes away from Marrakech, Terres D’Amanar is an eco lodge in Morocco that is perfect for family or couple staycations. With climbing, archery, craft workshops, ziplining, junior activities, and more, you and the entire family will never get bored when you stay at Terres D’Amanar.

Terres D’Amanar is considered an eco lodge because of its commitment to protecting the environment and adapting practices to reduce their impact. They have a strict environmental policy that includes training staff about sustainability, reducing carbon emissions, and saving water and electricity. The resort also partners with local cooperatives for all of their upkeep resources, like produce, craft products, and raw materials.

The next recommended option in Morocco is Ouirgane Ecolodge. This environmentally friendly accommodation is inside the Ouirgane and Toubkal National park, less than two hours away from Marrakesh.

Sustainability plays a key role in the running of Ouirgane, and its owners implemented multiple concepts to ensure their low environmental impact. For starters, Ouirgane preserves water by its use of mixer taps and intelligent irrigation for its on-site garden. Renewable energy technologies and low consumption lighting are used to conserve electricity.

Ouirgane assures that their accommodation offers a new way of travel and is an experience like no other. Its beautiful desert surrounding and locally grown cuisine will make you feel in touch with nature. Together with Atlas and desert tours and camel riding, your visit to Ouirgane Ecolodge will be an unforgettable experience.

Another eco lodge in Morocco is the L'ile de Ouarzazate. This is the perfect place for a sustainable and off-the-beaten-path vacation. Located further out of Ouarzazate with fewer tourists and busy guided tours, this eco-friendly accommodation in Morocco ensures that guests will have a relaxing and peaceful getaway.

The lodge’s main concentration of sustainability is its local-grown herbs, spices, and produce. And unlike usual accommodations, Ouarzazate relies on self-sufficient energy sources from solar panels. They also provide guests with organic and self-grown produce that is available based on the season. Plenty of vegan and vegetarian options are also available.

Lile de Ouarzazate is awarded as an excellent eco lodge in Morocco and is top-rated for specialty lodging on TripAdvisor.

If you're looking for an eco lodge in Morocco with various activities, Paradise Plage is the place for you. This resort is just north of Agadir and is the perfect escape between the Atlas Mountains and beautiful beaches.

The resort was granted the Green Key Label four years in a row, and it constantly develops new strategies to improve its sustainable efforts. The cuisine at Paradis Plage comes from local sources, and they also strive to keep energy and water consumption low.

Each day, the resort offers yoga sessions with a breath-taking view of the sand and sea. Water sport activities are also offered each day at the resort's Surf House. Paradis Plage will be a top pick if you're a true surfer because one of the best surf spots in the world is a mere drive away.

L'Ane Vert Ecolodge is another fantastic choice for an eco-friendly hotel in Morocco. Located in the middle of the Berber countryside by the Atlantic Ocean, each evening at this eco-friendly hotel you can enjoy some of the best sunsets in Morocco.

A range of rooms on offer means that there's something for every budget, from the backpackers' lodge to luxurious rooms with ocean views. Whatever you choose, you can rest easy knowing that L'Ane Vert Ecolodge is taking care of the environment. This hotel runs 100% on solar energy, recycles its wastewater, composts food scraps, and uses natural building techniques for minimum disruption to the surrounding environment.

And oh what surroundings they are. Surrounded by nothing but an expanse of nature, there are walking trails to discover, surfing lessons to enjoy, and plenty of yoga sessions in the picture-perfect desert landscape.

The final eco lodge in Morocco on this list is Riad Toubkal. Located in the Toubkal National Park and only 63 km south of Marrakesh, Riad Toubkal is a fantastic and nature-filled escape into the mountains of Atlas.

Riad Toubkal is a small family-owned lodge consisting of six traditional rooms with beautiful views of the valley and mountains. The lodge is known for its sustainable architecture, as it was built using a conventional Moroccan method using just mud and straw.

The resort's owner invites guests to experience an eco-friendly and traditional Moroccan getaway and experience the true beauty of the Atlas mountainside. You can book also book exciting activities through the lodge, like camel rides, Moroccan cooking classes, or a 4-hour Toubkal guided hike.

With this list of eco lodges and green hotels in Morocco, a low impact stay in this incredible country is easy.

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