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Camping in Mountains

We're passionate about travel, and the environment.

As we emerge from the pandemic, we believe that travel will have fundamentally changed. People will be more mindful of their journeys and how they impact our environment - and we're here to help make it all easier. 

We're on a mission to become the home of eco-friendly travel, writing about eco-certified hotels, sustainable travel gear, and encouraging slower, more meaningful journeys. We do this with a team of talented travel writers who are as dedicated to the cause as we are. 


Affiliate links in our articles help us make a small commission at no extra cost to you. 30% of that goes towards planting trees, offsetting your travel - and ours - even more. As we're just starting out, we haven't made any money yet. But you can be sure that when we do, we'll post our receipts of donations to One Tree Planted. 

If you simply would like to use our affiliate links to help us earn a commission and plant trees, you can visit our affiliates page to see who we work with. 

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