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The 10 Best Eco Friendly Hotels in Copenhagen

Updated: Mar 1

Are you looking for eco friendly hotels in Copenhagen? Read this list to discover the best green hotels in Denmark’s cool capital.

The colourful buildings in Nyhavn, Copenhage
Copenhagen is one of the leading cities in the world when it comes to eco friendly hotels.

If you’re looking for a beautiful yet sustainable vacation destination in Europe, Copenhagen is the place to go. Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and is the country’s most populated city. This modern and exciting city also happens to be Denmark’s leader when it comes to eco-friendliness, making it an attractive hub for eco-conscious travellers from around the globe.

And did you know that Copenhagen is one of the greenest cities in the world? The city sources its power from wind turbines and solar panels, and the preferred method of transportation here is biking, making this a must-see city for conscious travellers. If you’re looking for a sustainable place to stay, check out these eco friendly hotels in Copenhagen to plan the perfect green vacation.

The Best Eco Hotels in Copenhagen

  1. Hotel Ottilia, Vesterbro

  2. Manon Les Suites Guldsmeden, City Centre

  3. Coco Hotel, Vesterbro

  4. Babette Guldsmeden, City Centre

  5. H27 Hotel, City Centre

  6. Hotel Mayfair, Vesterbro

  7. Axel Guldsmeden, Vesterbro

  8. Hotel Scandic Copenhagen, Vesterbro

  9. Bryggen Guldsmeden, Islands Brygge

  10. Hotel Sp34, City Centre


1. Hotel Ottilia, Vesterbro

Hotel Ottilia is a luxurious 4-star resort located in the Carlsberg City District of Copenhagen. The hotel’s building was once a famous brewery called The Old Carlsberg, but today is known for its combination of industrial-chic design and eco friendly feel.

Organic breakfast is available each day, and there’s a gorgeous rooftop terrace and restaurant for evening dinners and drinks with a 360 view of the city. There’s also an on-site gym and plenty of spaces for events or conference meetings.

Ottilia is committed to its responsibility towards the climate and taking care of its employees. They have an SDG strategy in place (Sustainable Development Goals) based on the hotels’ core values and is used to set goals to reduce their consumption. The hotel operates on 100% renewable energy for all electricity, and it also holds the Green Key certification.

2. Manon Les Suites Guldsmeden, City Centre

Another eco friendly hotel in Copenhagen is the Manon Les Suites Guldsmeden. It has one of the best locations in Copenhagen and is surrounded by some of the city’s most attractive sights.

With a hip and urban feel, this sustainable hotel is a perfect place for green travellers. It’s only a quick walk away from Copenhagen’s famous lakes, the Tivoli Gardens, and the city centre. The hotel also has the Jungle Gym on its ground floor that is free to all guests.

Sustainability is a crucial element for the operation of Manon Les Suites, and they strive to offer accommodation that has the lowest environmental impact possible. The hotel is Green Globe certified and uses a sustainable management plan that includes multiple practices to reduce their waste and energy. A purchasing policy is also in place that requires the hotel only works with organic or Fair-Trade suppliers.

3. Coco Hotel, Vesterbro

Coco is an eco friendly hotel in Copenhagen that has a unique Parisian style and timeless Danish design. Located in the heart of Vesterbro, Coco isn't far from Copenhagen's city centre and famous attractions.

There's a quaint café and bar on the hotel's ground floor, plus there's a ping pong table on its 5th floor for those who love a good competitive game. Coco has the Green Key label and has been entirely self-sufficient since 2018. All of its sourced energy comes from a nearby solar park, and it also uses water-saving methods for day-to-day operations. Plus, it serves primarily organic food.

The coolest part about Coco Hotel is that it donates fruit trees to vulnerable areas of Tanzania and Mexico. Every time you book a room here, the hotel will donate a tree on your behalf.

4. Babette Guldsmeden, City Centre

Hotel Babette Guldsmeden is another unique and eco friendly hotel in Copenhagen that holds the Green Globe certification.

Found in the historical sector of Copenhagen’s city centre, the hotel is not far from famous attractions like the Little Mermaid and the Royal Palace. You can also walk across from Babette and find a beautiful 16th-century star fortress perfect for exploring.

Same as the Manon Les Suites hotel, Babette is owned by the company Guldsmeden. This company owns multiple eco friendly hotels in Copenhagen, all of which have uniform sustainable protocols to reduce environmental impact and save energy.

5. Motel One Copenhagen

H27 is a chic green hotel in Copenhagen that is directly in the midst of the city’s hip social scene. The Danish-style design, fantastic location, and eco-friendliness make this hotel a top pick for travellers.

Copenhagen’s highly-known historical sights are just a few minutes’ walk away from the hotel; some examples of these sights include the City Hall, Glyptoteket, Tivoli Gardens, and multiple museums.

H27 cares deeply about its impact on the environment and is certified by the Green Key eco-label. Breakfast served at the hotel comes from organic and local vendors, and they do not provide one-time-use products. They also use sustainable products in the rooms (Botanika) created from biodegradable and recyclable materials. You are also able to rent a bike for a zero-carbon footprint mode of transportation during your stay.

6. Hotel Mayfair, Vesterbro

Hotel Mayfair is a classic eco friendly hotel in Copenhagen located one block away from the Central Station. It’s in the vibrant neighbourhood of Vesterbro (which is known as Copenhagen’s Red Light district), and there are multiple cool local shops and hip cafes and restaurants all along the streets.

As a receiver of the Green Key eco-label, sustainability is key for Hotel Mayfair, and they use various eco friendly initiatives to reduce their carbon footprint. Guests can choose from organic and local foods for breakfast, and they use biodegradable products, like plastic cups. In addition, bikes are offered to guests for rent to encourage low-impact transportation.

7. Axel Guldsmeden, Vesterbro

Axel Guldsmeden is another lovely environmentally friendly hotel in Copenhagen that is a favourite of sustainability-oriented media and eco-conscious travellers.

Located in the centre of Copenhagen, Axel has an urban feel and serves as a beautiful relaxing space to stay in while keeping your carbon footprint low. They strive to protect the environment with their practices, and, in fact, Axel was the first Guldsmeden hotel to receive the Green Key and the Green Globe certification.

Along with other sustainable practices like renewable energy and water conservation, the interior design of the hotel rooms solely consists of sustainable products. All bed linens and towels are GOTS and Oeko-Tex-certified, Fairtrade, and are made of organic cotton. The hotel additionally holds the Ø-label certification because of its extremely high level of 99.5% organic food.

8. Hotel Scandic Copenhagen, Vesterbro

A more contemporary yet eco friendly hotel option is Hotel Scandic. This eco friendly hotel in Copenhagen is centrally located and has magnificent views of the city's skyline. It serves as one of the largest conference hotels in Copenhagen, and it's not far from famous attractions, like the Tivoli Gardens.

There's a chic restaurant and bar on-site, a gym, and even kids' activities during selected periods. Hotel Scandic works hard to reduce its environmental impact and is certified by the Nordic Swan Eco Label and the EU Ecolabel. Sustainable Hotel Operations guidelines are in place for the hotel's running, including water conservation and reducing waste and CO2 emissions.

9. Bryggen Guldsmeden, Islands Brygge

Bryggen Guldsmeden is one of Denmark’s most accomplished luxury and eco friendly hotels in Copenhagen. Located in Bryggen, ‘the Brooklyn of Copenhagen’, this Nordic-Bali style hotel is within walking distance to Tivoli and the Central Station.

The hotel prides itself on its innovative and sustainable luxury that also promotes animal welfare! All mattresses, duvets, and pillows, for example, are created with wool from happy camels and sheep.

Their unique showers save between 50-90% of water thanks to them using NASA technology initially created for the Mars mission. All food is organic and eco friendly, plus iLoveEcoEssentials sustainable products are in all hotel rooms. Bryggen is definitely a top pick for anyone who wants to travel without compromising their commitment to protecting the earth.

10. Hotel Sp34, City Centre

Hotel Sp34 is probably the most trendy green hotel in Copenhagen and is found in the active and hip Latin Quarter.

Cool Instagrammable spots surround the hotel, and there are multiple design stores, pastry shops, and great restaurants just down the street. Its unique room designs are also famous for Insta photos, especially their iconic one-of-a-kind headboards.

Hotel Sp34 is also certified by Green Key, and they have various established practices to ensure its sustainability is consistently improving. For example, they’ve recently set the goal of reducing 5-7% of their total energy consumption by 2025.

All of the hotel’s electricity consumption comes from 100% environmentally certified Danish wind energy. They also serve organic breakfast and only work with suppliers who participate in sustainable practices.


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