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Eco Hotels in Tulum: 10 Sustainable and Beautiful Places to Stay

Updated: Jul 9

Looking for a sustainable stay on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico? This article rounds up the best eco hotels in Tulum.

Located in the Quintana Roo state, Tulum boasts a spectacular coastline of confectioner-sugar sands, cobalt water, and balmy breezes. It is also home to one of the most impressive Maya ruins, perched on a cliff overlooking the Caribbean Sea. But Tulum is not stuck in the past. It is a vibrant town that has evolved from a sleepy seaside village to a hotspot for travelers who seek both luxury and sustainability.

Below, we've rounded up the 10 best eco hotels in TulumIn this article, where you can enjoy a comfortable and unique stay while respecting the environment and supporting the local community. These hotels are not only eco-friendly, but also stylish, cozy, and full of character. Whether you want to relax in a palapa-style hut, immerse yourself in the jungle, or indulge in a spa treatment, you will find your perfect match among our picks for the best eco hotels in Tulum.

The Best Eco Hotels in Tulum:


Be Tulum Beach & Spa Resort is a new generation of boutique hotels that combines impeccable design, environmental sustainability, and Mayan-inspired wellness. Located at the quiet end of Tulum beach, near the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, this hotel offers a tranquil and stylish retreat from the busy world. You can enjoy the stunning views of the Caribbean Sea from your private pool or Jacuzzi, or relax in the lush gardens and tropical plants that surround the property. The hotel’s 20 exclusive suites are made of dark wood recycled from train tracks, and feature a chic and contemporary decor that harmonizes with the natural setting.

The hotel’s Ocumare restaurant serves gourmet cuisine with a creative twist, and the beach club and poolside lounge are perfect places to socialize and have fun. Be Tulum Beach & Spa Resort is not only one of the best-rated hotels in Tulum, but also a Green Globe certified property that cares about the environment. The hotel uses solar panels, a water treatment system, and responsible tourism practices to minimize its impact on the ecosystem. Be Tulum Beach & Spa Resort is a hotel that offers you the best of both worlds: a heavenly escape and a conscious stay.

2. Azulik

Nestled on Tulum's dramatic coastline, the eco-conscious Hotel Azulik offers a unique opportunity to reconnect with nature and experience the luxury of sustainability. This adults-only resort is no more a hotel than it is a part of the jungle, with 48 treehouse-style villas suspended among the trees, connected by hand-crafted wooden walkways. As you step onto the property, you'll feel like you've entered a secret world, with the sound of the waves crashing against the shore and the twittering of birds providing a soothing background to your stay.

Built in harmony with nature, Azulik features a unique wetland system that runs under the canopy of the hotel, nourishing the jungle floor and adding to the wild ambience. The hotel is expertly crafted around the trees to minimize damage, and almost entirely lit by candlelight at night, making for a magical and unforgettable experience. You'll fall asleep by candlelight and wake up with the sunrise in your cosy nest among the trees, feeling completely immersed in nature. The hotel is a member of the Earth Check certification program, following strict environmental and social criteria to minimize its impact on the planet.

Habitas Tulum is a place where you can reconnect with nature, yourself, and others in a spiritual-chic hideout on the Caribbean coast. This eco-friendly resort offers 32 tented rooms, each with a palapa roof, a hardwood floor, and a private terrace with an outdoor rain shower. Some rooms also have ocean views or plunge pools for an extra touch of luxury. The rooms are furnished with locally sourced and handmade furniture and accessories, such as raffia lamps, kilim rugs, and animal hide stools. The homemade bath products are made with natural ingredients like coconut, avocado, and honey.

The resort is located on an acre of jungle land, set back from its own private beach. You can enjoy the secluded sand and surf, or relax by the oceanfront pool and lounge. The pool is surrounded by two natural rock barriers that create a sense of intimacy and exclusivity. The resort also has a three-storey lobby with a restaurant and rooftop, where you can savor vegetable-forward Spanish cuisine, wood-fired seasonal dishes with a Middle Eastern flair, and creative cocktails inspired by the local flavors.

Habitas Tulum is more than just a hotel, it is a lifestyle brand that curates global experiences that focus on wellness, food, and music. You can join yoga classes and spa treatments on an elevated open-air deck, where you can enjoy the views of the jungle and the sea. The wellness program incorporates multiple traditions, from Maya ritual to modern spa science. You can also explore the natural and cultural wonders of the area, such as nature walks, cave diving, and arts and culture programming.

Hotel La Valise in Tulum is an intimate and stylishly converted beach house located on Tulum beach. With just nine uniquely designed rooms adorned with wicker animals and local tzalam wood decks, the hotel exudes charm and sophistication. The main house's open-air lounge features an elegant wooden dining table, nest chandeliers, and Diego Rivera art books. The outstandingly friendly staff and laidback barefoot vibe make for a romantic and relaxing stay.

Guests can enjoy excellent Mexican seafood and creative cocktails while spending most of their time barefoot on the beach, where pelicans dive for fish. La Valise Tulum also boasts eco-friendly practices such as energy-efficient appliances, rainwater collection systems, and support for local artisans and farmers. Guests can enjoy meals on decks or the beach and take in stunning views of the ocean and jungle from the hotel's private rooftop.

Ahau Tulum is the perfect destination for travelers looking for a luxurious yet eco-friendly beachfront escape. This rustic-chic resort seamlessly blends Mayan jungle charm with modern amenities, offering stunning views of the Caribbean Sea from each of its 56 rooms and bungalows. You'll feel at one with nature as you relax in the cozy beds, surrounded by handmade wooden furnishings and listening to the soothing sound of the outdoor showers.

The resort uses solar and wind energy, rainwater harvesting, and biodegradable products to minimize its impact on the environment. Ahau Tulum also supports local communities and organic farming, offering guests a truly authentic and responsible travel experience. And if you're looking for fun activities, the resort has got you covered with daily yoga lessons, water sports, and cultural excursions. Come and experience the Ahau Tulum lifestyle for yourself and leave with a deeper appreciation for nature and sustainable living.

Hotelito Azul is a dreamy beachfront hotel that combines eco-friendly design, handmade charm, and luxurious comfort. Located on the coast, this hotel offers 31 rooms, including 9 oceanfront rooms and 22 designer villas and suites, all featuring full-length glass doors that open to private terraces with jacuzzis, gardens, or hammocks. The rooms are decorated with handcrafted furniture and original artwork, creating a cozy and elegant atmosphere. There's a private stretch of beach to enjoy, a natural pool, and yoga classes on the rooftop terrace.

A stay here also lets you easily explore the nearby Mayan ruins, cenotes, and nature reserves, while back at the hotel restaurant the cuisine includes international organic food, Japanese cuisine, and a grill. The hotel also has a beach club and a rooftop bar, where you can sip on cocktails and enjoy the views. Hotelito Azul is committed to sustainability and environmental preservation. The hotel uses solar energy, composts organic waste, and protects the local flora and fauna.

Hotel Mi Amor is a boutique adults-only hotel located on a secluded rocky outcrop on Tulum beach, offering peaceful spots to relax and watch pelicans fishing. The 18 rooms are designed with white stone and chocolate brown tzalam wood to create a sense of harmony with the tropical greenery. The hotel's open-air restaurant and central pool are the focal points, and there are hanging egg-shaped chairs, hammocks, and figure sculptures scattered around the grounds. Wooden gazebos and comfy beds on the rocks offer stunning views of the crashing waves and the ocean.

The hotel celebrates the beauty of Tulum's natural surroundings and is committed to sustainability through the use of renewable energy, conservation of water and energy, and support for local community projects. Guests can enjoy the infinity pool, the oceanfront restaurant, or the rooftop bar with breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea. Australian chef Paul Bentley's restaurant serves satisfying beachfront fare, and the hotel also has a tiny spa. With its smart design and focus on the environment, Hotel Mi Amor is a must-stay in Tulum.

Nomade Tulum is located on a pristine stretch of beach, where you can enjoy the turquoise waters and the white sand. The hotel’s architecture is inspired by the nomadic lifestyle, blending seamlessly with the surrounding environment. The rooms and suites are spacious and elegant, featuring natural materials such as stone, wood, and textiles. Some of them even offer the option of glamping, or glamorous camping, in upscale tents that provide comfort and privacy.

The hotel’s philosophy is based on self-evolution, offering a variety of activities and workshops that aim to enhance your well-being and awareness. You can join the shaman-led ceremonies, the meditation sessions, the gratitude tent, and the holistic healing treatments. You can also practice yoga, relax at the spa, or indulge in the delicious cuisine at Macondo, the hotel’s restaurant that serves a fusion of flavors from different regions. Nomade Tulum is also committed to eco-conscious travel, using solar panels, recycling waste, and supporting local culture. The hotel’s style is eco-boho-chic, with a touch of vintage charm and artistic flair.

Sanara Tulum is a boutique resort that offers a perfect balance of luxury, wellness, and sustainability on the Tulum beach road. You can enjoy the natural beauty of the Caribbean Sea, the palm trees, the white sand, and the wooden fishing boats, while also having access to other hotels and bars along the beach. The hotel’s 19 rooms and suites are minimalist and elegant, with organic amenities and some with private gardens and claw-foot tubs.

The hotel’s wellness center is inspired by Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of holistic healing. You can indulge in massages, yoga classes, and vegan cuisine at the Real Coconut, all designed to nourish your body, mind, and soul. Sanara Tulum also cares about the environment, using renewable energy, reducing plastic waste, and supporting local causes. Whether you want to relax, rejuvenate, or explore, Sanara Tulum is a dream destination that will leave you feeling refreshed and inspired.

Alaya Tulum is a sustainable and enchanting hotel that offers a luxurious and holistic getaway in the heart of Tulum's beach. Nestled among the jungle trees and steps away from the ocean, Alaya Tulum has 20 eco-conscious rooms and suites that feature natural materials, handcrafted furniture, and biodegradable toiletries. Guests can enjoy the intimate social spaces, the treehouse guest rooms, and the beautiful yoga shala, where they can practice daily yoga classes and sunrise meditation.

Alaya Tulum also has a rooftop pool, a spa, and a bike rental service, so guests can relax, rejuvenate, and explore the nearby attractions. Alaya Tulum's kitchen serves delicious Latin American dishes made with fresh and local ingredients, which guests can savor by the beach, in their rooms, or under the dreamcatchers. Alaya Tulum is the perfect destination for those who seek a quiet oasis, a wellness retreat, and a magical experience in Tulum.

Tulum is a paradise for eco-conscious travelers, with a wide variety of sustainable and beautiful hotels to choose from. From the luxurious villas of Be Tulum to the bohemian-chic of Nomade Tulum, each hotel offers a unique and inspiring experience that celebrates the natural beauty and culture of the region.

By choosing an eco hotel in Tulum, you not only enjoy a memorable vacation, but also contribute to the preservation of the planet and the local community. So, pack your bags, grab your sunscreen, and embark on a sustainable adventure in one of the best eco-friendly destinations in the world.


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