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The 10 Best Eco-Friendly Hotels in Paris for 2023

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Discover these eco-friendly hotels in Paris to lower your impact on your next getaway to the City of Light.


Paris is one of the dreamiest and most famous European vacation destinations for many avid travellers. The question is, though - how does the city scrub up when it comes to accommodating eco-conscious travellers, and are there sustainable accommodation options in such a bustling city? The answer is yes, absolutely! Luckily, there are quite a few eco-friendly hotels in Paris to choose from that make for an amazing low-impact stay in the City of Light.

Continue reading to discover our list of the top 10 eco-friendly hotels in Paris that are either eco-certified by an independent body or well-known for their green practices and commitment towards protecting the environment. Choose one of these hotels and start planning your dream eco-friendly vacation to Paris today.

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The first of the 10 eco-friendly hotels in Paris on our list is the InterContinental Paris le Grand, which is found in central Paris in the 1st Arrondissement. This hotel was awarded both the Green Globe and Green Key certifications for its many green practices and dedication to helping the environment.

Luxurious, classy, and charming, this hotel has a long history of hosting some of Paris' most illustrious events. Some rooms even enjoy fantastic views of the Palais Garnier, home to the Paris Opera. As far as its environmental impact goes, InterContinental Paris Le Grand established its own sustainability program called Green Engage, which tracks, measures, and limits all energy sources from the hotel.

Elegant and eco-friendly, this is a great choice for a luxurious and low-impact stay in Paris.

Another excellent choice for an eco-friendly hotel in Paris is The Peninsula Paris Hotel. This city resort uses multiple sustainable initiatives to keep its carbon footprint as low as possible, making it a great option for a low-impact stay on your next visit.

The hotels’ food is locally and ethically sourced and includes responsibly sourced seafood, sustainable tea, coffee, and chocolate. The hotel also gives significant consideration to animal welfare and has the goal of only serving free-range chicken, hormone-free meats, and cage-free eggs by 2025.

In addition, the hotel’s design was internationally recognized for fulling a good BREEAM building standard (Green Building Certification by BREEAM Good). With a central location, this hotel is filled with natural light and features classic French décor for a very chic, Parisian stay.

For a charming and affordable eco-friendly hotel in Paris' 12th Arrondissement, it's hard to go past the eco-certified Hotel de la Porte Dorée. This sustainable resort holds the Green Key certification for its outstanding efforts towards combating its environmental impact. This Hotel realizes the importance of ecotourism and has thus established its own program to raise ecological awareness among its guests.

Modest yet charming, the hotel makes for a great base to explore Paris. The rooms use energy-efficient lighting and heating and cooling technology that saves 75% more electricity than standard equipment.

The ongoing maintenance of the Hotel consists of sustainable practices that include reducing water use, limiting waste, and recycling. The hotel towels are also made of bamboo, five times more energy-efficient than ordinary towels.All in all, the Hotel de la Porte Dorée is a great choice for an eco-friendly hotel in Paris.

For another luxurious and opulent sustainable stay in Paris' 11th Arrondissement, the Eden Lodge Paris boasts some serious eco-friendly pedigree. This eco hotel in Paris features numerous cutting-edge sustainable innovations, and because of this, has been awarded the international Green Globe certification.

Elegant and eco-friendly describe the Eden Lodge perfectly. The building itself was strategically and ecologically built with wood, highly effective insulation, and LED lighting to keep energy consumption low. In addition to its sustainable practices, the lodge also uses renewable, solar, and wood pellet energy in addition to its sustainable practices, making it one of Paris’ only zero-carbon hotels.

The service here is known to be off-the-charts, which is always a fantastic addition to any vacation. This fabulous eco lodge in Paris also has an on-site gym for you to get your workouts in during your stay.

Solar Hotel is the perfect option for you if you’re looking for a more affordable place to stay that uses sustainable practices. Solar Hotel is an eco-friendly hotel in Paris that you’re sure to enjoy and feel guilt-free when visiting.

This hotel is found nestled amid the lively 14th arrondissement of Paris, certified with the EU Ecolabel thanks to its outstanding environmentally friendly management practices. In addition, it was also one of the first Parisian hotels ever to receive the Green Key certification for its sustainable efforts. The breakfast served here is locally sourced and organic, and all cleaning supplies are 100% certified organic.

The rooms here are comfortable, and the hotel is lively and sociable. This is one of the coolest and welcoming eco-friendly hotels in Paris.

For those who love a touch of luxury and sustainability rolled into one, the Hôtel du Printemps is a perfect choice. Protecting the environment is this hotel’s top priority, and has been recognised for its strong efforts with the Green Globe certification.

The hotel has an ideal location for those who are excited to explore all that Paris has to offer. A few minutes away from the hotel is the Nation station, an immense transportation hub that easily connects you to every district in Paris. The rooms are comfortable and relaxing, but it's the world-class customer service that sets this hotel apart from others.

Relaxing here is easy when you consider that this hotel has 24-hour room service and an always-open bar lounge. Breakfast served here is also eco-friendly and consists of certified organic and regional products.

Hotel du Collectionneur Arc de Triomphe is another eco-friendly hotel in Paris that is certified by Green Globe. Sustainability meets luxury at this design hotel, and it’s located in one of Paris’ most prestigious areas. The Arc de Triomphe is just a few steps away from the hotel, and the beautiful museum and art scene surrounds this exclusive district.

Hotel du Collectionneur uses multiple sustainable innovations to keep the resorts’ waste and energy amounts as low as possible. They also use a tracking system that allows the hotel to know precisely how much CO2 they’re releasing, and, therefore, they are better able to keep up with and limit this amount. Pretty good if you ask us.

Luxury, location, and an eco-friendly ethos all combine at this green hotel in Paris.

Hotel Trianon Rive Gauche is a beautiful and sustainable hotel that would make the perfect sustainable vacation destination. This boutique hotel is certified by the EU Green Label and gives its sustainability practices a high priority in the day-to-day running of the hotel.

The location of this resort is absolutely gorgeous and is not far from the famous Luxembourg Palace and its beautiful gardens. Other popular tourist destinations, like the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Louvre, can be reached with just a few stops on the metro.

The rooms at this eco hotel in Paris are vibrant and modern, with splashes of bright colour and fantastic views over the classic Parisian street.

Not far from Arc de Triomphe and the Avenue des Champs- Elysees is the 4-star eco-friendly hotel called Hidden Hotel. This is a great sustainable option situated in a beautiful location, and it gets its name from its ‘hidden’ atmosphere away from the crazy crowds of tourists that crowd the streets nearby.

The hotel is recognized for its sustainable design and everyday practices that reduce waste and achieve a minimal carbon footprint. With its natural, eco-conscious décor, affordable price point, this hotel is a fantastic choice for a sustainable-luxe experience in Paris.

For a central, affordable, and low-impact stay, this green hotel is a great choice.

Last on our list of the most eco-friendly hotels in Paris is Le Citizen Hotel. This green hotel strives to protect our environment and, thus, uses multiple exceptional methods to preserve the earth and reduce its waste.

To start, Le Citizen uses water-conserving faucets, an intricate recycling system, and highly energy-efficient electrical and plumbing systems. They also avoid plastic packaging purchases, and over 90% of the hotel’s purchases (like food and cleaning supplies) come from local, eco-friendly sources. In addition, the drinking water provided to guests comes in glass bottles instead of plastic, and every day they are filled with pure water from traditional French streams.

The rooms are homey and comfortable, and the location in the 10th Arrondissement makes it a breeze to explore the rest of Paris.

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So if you're planning a trip to France, why not reserve one of these fantastic eco-friendly hotels in Paris? You won't regret it.



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