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The Best Eco Friendly Travel Products for Sustainable Travel in 2021

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

From reusable notebooks to solar powered portable speakers, we've rounded up 12 of the best eco friendly travel products for sustainable travel in 2021.

If you're looking to up your sustainable travel game in 2021 with some new eco friendly travel products, look no further. We've rounded up a series of amazing accessories that make life easy on the road and are good for the environment. That's a win win.

Jump ahead to the best eco friendly travel products in 2021:

  1. Osprey Backpack

  2. BioGo Eco Friendly Thermal Coffee Cup

  3. Colombia Down Jacket

  4. Rocketbook Reusable Smart Notebook

  5. Travelization Scratch Map

  6. Manduka EKO Superlite Travel Yoga Mat

  7. Solar Powered Portable Speaker

  8. GOBE Camera Lens Cleaning Kit

  9. Pendleton Scarf

  10. Bamboo Cutlery and Toothbrush Travel Kit

  11. Scrubba Eco Friendly Laundry Bag

  12. Florious Recycled Packing Cubes

1. Eco Friendly Luggage: Osprey Travel Backpack

First up on the list is the Osprey backpack, a highly sought after piece of eco friendly luggage for all kinds of travellers. This brand is a fantastic choice for both backpackers looking to travel light and those after a stylish carry on piece.

Osprey as a brand are also committed to sustainability, carefully selecting the materials they use and making sure that their gear is built to last. These backpacks are a no brainer for eco friendly travel.

A man with an eco friendly backpack stands overlooking some mountains
Osprey is a fantastic choice when it comes to eco friendly travel backpacks

2. BioGo Eco Friendly Thermal Coffee Cup

Travel and coffee go hand in hand. For many, the most exciting part about waking up in a new city is immediately seeking out a caffeine fix. But those take away coffee cups add up. It's time to start travelling with an eco friendly coffee cup instead.

The BioGo eco coffee cup is not only better for the environment than a take-away, but it will keep your coffee hotter for longer thanks to its stainless steel interior. It's also built from sustainably sourced rice husk fibre.

3. Colombia Down Jacket

Colombia are one of the most iconic outdoor adventure brands in the world. As such, their cosy down jackets are a great product for those eco friendly travellers who love those chillier destinations.

Whether you're enjoying a sustainable trip to dramatic Iceland or are cycling down South America, it's always going to be a good idea to have a solid jacket on your side to keep you nice and toasty.

A woman in an eco friendly jacket sits on a mountain and watches the sun rise
Keep yourself nice and toasty while travelling with a jacket that will last

4. Rocketbook Reusable Smart Notebook

Travellers have been jotting down their thoughts, ideas, and conversations for centuries, but this notebook brings the classic travel journal into the digital age, saving plenty of paper in the process.

Not only can you wipe the pages clean with the microfiber cloth, but you can also save your notes on the cloud, search the pages for keywords, and plenty more. Seriously, this is one of the coolest eco friendly travel products you can buy in 2021.

5. Travelization Scratch Map

This travel scratch map is the perfect decorative piece if you're one of those showboating travellers who loves to boast about how many places you've visited. Beautifully crafted, and with every single country flag included, it's going to look great pretty much anywhere.

Travelization is a family business from America who celebrate travel, education, and socially conscious journeys. And have you been to any of the best destinations for sustainable tourism in 2021?

6. Manduka EKO Superlite Travel Yoga Mat

For the sustainable travellers who love to get a yoga session in during their trips, this eco friendly yoga mat is the perfect choice. It's super lightweight, designed for travel, and made from sustainably harvested tree rubber.

Manduka is a company that's strongly committed to the environment. They reinvest 1% of their global sales back into local communities, and also run a very unique and successful yoga mat recycling program, turning old mats into useful materials.

A woman does yoga at sunrise in Indonesia while travelling
No more yoga on rugs with a Manduka travel yoga mat in your luggage

7. Solar Powered Portable Speaker

If you're a traveller who loves to be the life of the party with music, then you'll love this solar powered Bluetooth speaker. Built from stylish carbon fibre, it's a sleek little machine that is constantly being charged up by the sun.

On top of its powerful little speakers, it can also be used as a portable power bank, using its solar charge to give your phone, tablet, and other devices some juice. A truly wireless experience for sustainable travel.

8. GOBE Camera Lens Cleaning Kit

For the snap-happy adventurers, this camera lens cleaning kit from Aussie brand GOBE is an excellent choice. They're experts when it comes to cameras, and encourage spending as much time as you can outdoors - and capturing it all on camera.

Every product you buy from GOBE plants 5 trees, and is guaranteed high quality - that means it will last longer and stay out of landfill. And don't forget to check out their camera filters as well.

A man uses some eco friendly camera gear to take a photo of the city
Getting the perfect shot requires a spotless lens

9. Reusable Water Bottle

I mean, if you don't travel with your own reusable water bottle by now, it's time to make the switch. Having one of these bad boys is one of the easiest ways to lower your impact while travelling.

Most designs nowadays also come with stainless steel interiors, keeping your drink cold or hotter for longer.

A man throws a reusable water bottle for travel in the air
Good on you for travelling with a reusable water bottle

10. Bamboo Cutlery and Toothbrush Travel Kit

Say goodbye to plastic cutlery with your very own bamboo cutlery and toothbrush travel kit. Coming handily wrapped in a nice bag, this will cut down on your plastic use while out and about.

The toothbrush is also a handy inclusion here, as is the bamboo straw (that comes complete with its own cleaning brush. All in all, the extra space it takes up in your luggage will be worth it when you can say no to all that unnecessary plastic.

11. Scrubba Wash Bag

What an invention. Nothing beats clean clothes on the road, and with this Scrubba Wash Bag, you'll never have to wear a pair of undies inside out again.

Simply unfold the bag, chuck your clothes in, fill with water and wash away. There's a washing board on the inside that gives it a machine-quality scrubbing, all in just 3 minutes. It not only saves time, but it also saves water and electricity.

12. Florious Packing Cubes

If you haven't jumped on the packing cube train yet, it's a complete game changer. On top of saving you loads of space in your luggage, you'll be more organised than ever before.

This set of packing cubes from Florious are fantastic as they're the only ones that are made from recycled material on Amazon. These are a no-brainer.

Passengers arriving in an airport
Travel smarter and more sustainably with some recycled packing cubes

This article contains affiliate links to amazon products. If you follow them and make a purchase, we receive a small commission. We immediately donate 20% of earnings to One Tree Planted, helping to plant trees and offset your travel even more.


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